Sab Ke Khatir - 4.0

Yeh Sab, Hamari Kathir... ?

So one rainy evening when the only thing that could make me feel warm and fuzzy were some spicy, charcoal fire licked kebabs, we headed to the strip of kebabis on the road in front of Nizamuddin west. In particular from Aap Ki Khatir. It'll be on your right coming straight down lodhi road before the round about to Humayun's Tomb. Unlike its slightly mediocre relation in Khan Market this Aap Ki Khatir was the first and shows its wisdom through every bite. So we arrive already drooling at the thought of biting in to their succulent Barra Kebabs that they do so well. What's this? All closed? Noooo! There has apparently been a seal on the area and they have moved to a location in SDA. The address can be found below. Just then we get approached by a man from some place called IFTIR. Do NOT eat from there because I made the mistake of giving it a shot. Appalling. The story continues after placing a huge order with Iftir I see a sign for Sab Ke Khatir that they are now just around the corner. Hallelujah, not all is lost! I decide to go secure some more food just as a back up.. And thank god I did! I have eaten from Sab Ke Khatir in the past by accident really and I didn't pay it too much heed given my loyalties for Aap Ki Khatir. And contrary to people calling it a rip-off and fake imitation of the former, it is some really good food! Sab Ke Khatir too is moving down the road on Lodhi. Address below.

Definitely going to try the biryani and korma next time. Even though I have a feeling their kebabs are their strongest point.

*Ordered it at home the other day - And it must be said that kebabs should be eaten hot and fresh! The kebabs were tasty but a bit dried out. Though the roomali was ok the parathas had become a bit rubbery. I would give the food a 3.5 based on the delivery. That is how much the food varied eating it on the spot and an hour and one soggy container later. Something to keep in mind*

- Reasonable

Alcohol - No

Contact - 

 Sab Ke Khatir
+91 9891292786
+91 9891692786

Ispat Bhawan, Lodi Road,
After petrol pump, MCD Stall.
You should see a stall with the name Sab Ke Khatir

Aap Ki Khatir 
+91 9818989786
+91 9891989786
Shop No. 1 - "C" Block D.D.A Market, Usha Niketan, S.D.A

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