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Better Ploof Than Deli

Firstly, I am unable to grade Ploof Deli because we tried one dish from the old seafood Ploof menu and the second a sandwich which are some new editions, featuring in with the "Deli" side of it all. One was delicious and one was atrocious. So to be fair I need to try a couple more dishes before I can give it a grade. For now I wanted to inform you all this city's old favourite with new potential.

Being in Lodi Colony market has an instantaneous undiscovered charm to things.  The place itself... Well I certainly prefer the new look and feel. Its not only a little warmer, but I love being surrounded by food. My eyes love being able to glance through shelves of well stocked goodies, noticing something new I missed with each scan. Even if I don't end up buying anything its still fun!

Downstairs - The space has been completely revamped as you can see. You can sit and dine down here or shop from their deli selection of meats, cheeses (though a bit lacking). They have marinated meats, seafood and veggies that you can pick up and throw on to a pan for a quick meal or dinner party. I will be sure to pick up a few things next time. There is a bakery and dessert (didn't look very appetizing) section. The breads being sold are from L'Opera. They also have a selection of sauces, pastas, oils, etc. They even deliver, so you can call and have it all at your doorstep.

Upstairs - Outdoor section looks quite nice.  At night with all the candles it can be a nice dinner date spot too.

Gratis Sundried Tomato Pesto -  They've always had it and should continue to serve it because its yummy! I love glass bottles, be it water, soda, milk. Just feels right.

Himalayan Trout- Grilled w/ Herbs, Pepper, Butter - The trout was amazingly fresh, making this dish just divine. Think they only serve it in season. When you flip it over, you can see it beautifully herb crusted all over. Tucked under it are some grilled veggies. The simplest things done right are always the best. As long as the fish was fresh and seasoned well, which it was, you can't be too disappointed. Which I was most definitely was not!

Don Carleone  - Ham, Salami, Prosciutto, Cheddar, Roasted Peppers, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Served on a Roll -  My poor companion however was not so lucky with his dish. This sandwich had so much wrong with it I don't even know where to begin. The first thing that strikes you not only with its intimidating name but with the 3 types of meat in it is that its a manly meaty sandwich! I was excited to steal a few bites. Here it comes... ughhh what's this.. No longer so excited! If I was at any half decent deli in the world this sandwich would be stacked with layers of meat that would start at my chin and end at my eyes! We had one measly slice of ham, one even measlier slice of prosciutto since it is the thinnest of them all, and one sad slice of .. CHICKEN salami?? Any other sandwich that had chicken salami specifically said chicken salami this was not supposed to be any chicken nonsense. We ordered a Don Carleone for god's sake not his bulimic sister! It didn't end there. The cheddar tasted stale and sweaty. Yuck!. The bread? You have a sandwich menu and your going to put out bread that wouldn't even belong in a school canteen! Stale, hard. If it was a game of tug of war with that bread... well then we lost! Another friend of mine had very similar experiences with the sandwiches here. So you have been warned. What I will give them though is that the manager immediately changed the salami and added a little more meat. And was apologetic, despite the inevitable blame game "Our regular chef is not here." Ya right... However since my friend had been there much after, I can see they don't believe in any permanent solutions. Sad, it would have been nice to finally have a good sandwich bar in Delhi. Lastly, it took him so long to decide on this sandwich not because they all sounded so good but because it was a really boring and predictable selection of sandwiches. *Yawn* .

Selection of Sandwiches

Now, I hope you can understand my grading dilemma. I think I am going to have to rate the sandwich menu, separately from the rest of the menu, once I try a few more things. Stay posted.

Until then still a great place to go checkout, eat and shop. Even though they have the standard brands you see everywhere. The marinated meats and the antipasti look like they're worth trying. The space itself is a cute little lunch or dinner spot. Just stay away from the sandwiches! *shudder*

Budget: Mid-Range

Alcohol: Yes

Reservations: Taken but I don't think I've ever seen it too full. Dinner and weekends may be different.

Timings: Monday to Sunday - 10 a.m to 12 a.m


011 24634666, 24649026

13 Lodi Colony Market,
New Delhi

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