How to eat Sushi - The right way

I hope you didn't think the Japanese would let you just butcher one of their prized creations they have so meticulously mastered? Silly goose, just like preparing it is a science so is eating it. Its almost like a mini ceremony you go through step by step. The amount of time I've seen some of my own friend put a slice of ginger on their sushi and pop it in is shameful. So this is me telling you all... get it right crumpets...
I found this great article and illustration on blogger Kim's site ( There's always someone who can do with a little lesson on the delicate etiquette of sushi eating.  This illustration is by Patrick James and was found by her on Good Food

Consider yourselves TAUGHT ... Woo hoo! Ok so I'm being a bit too cool because I had no idea you could eat with your hands and it be acceptable. But boy am I glad because my fingers tend to get everywhere!

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