Umami - 4.0


This for me was the Zest of Gurgaon. Now I don't know if that is a label they want to stick with or draw away from. I for one mean it well. Especially since its newer and friendlier. And by that I do mean it leaves Zest's snobbery behind in Delhi! Newly opened this huge sleek space manages to be contemporary yet comfortable.
They have a lunch buffet everyday. Where as dinner is a la carte. We skipped the buffet because to me a buffet is always a mediocre reflection on what the restaurant can do. You have that food just sitting there coagulating and yet we all get enticed and fall for it. Buffets are a foodie's quicksand!

However, as I glanced at the overbearingly huge menu I thought "My god there is no way they can make so many things and do it well." And we hadn't even gotten to the separate Sushi Menu yet! Thankfully the food cleared most of those doubts. I still recommend they slim the menu down because it would be nice if deciding a meal was a little less stressful...

We really pigged out here. And out of all the things we ate there were only 2-3 downers, which really isn't a bad record. Especially in my books!



I definitely recommend Umami to all, whether in Gurgaon or not. My only complaint besides the overwhelmingly large menu was with the service. Though friendly it was very shoddy in every other way. I would have liked to give them a break on this because they are new but when on numerous occasions the waiters had no idea about the dishes on the menu it really ticked me off. The final straw was when I asked the waiter what a certain dish was as it had no description just a exotic sounding name he simply said "This is .." and then just repeated the dish's name as if if I heard it from another persons mouth it might make any sense. They really need to send those waiters to Restaurant Boot-Camp asap!

You can go to Umami for a casual lunch, or a nice dinner date. It has something for everyone. Value for money with its great variety, using the freshest of ingredients. Two thumbs up. Now lets just hope it stays this way!

Alcohol: YES


88008 90963, 0124-4558000
1st Floor, Global Foyer Building Golf Course Sector-43, Gurgaon

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