Jaya Kochhar's CakeWalk - 4.5

Devil's Chocolate Cake & More

Jaya's Devil's Chocolate Cake has become my one stop chocolate cake stop! I used to order them from Mala Bindra before but a few disappointing incidences left me glad I decided to shop around. Yes I have known to be a chocolate cake infidel. *Whoops* .

Anyway so this is essentially the same cake one in all its chocolatey glory and the other I got for my little cousins birthday. The cake itself is super moist with that delicious homemade chocolate cake taste. Now if you don't know what I mean by that well then you mustn't have had a very happy childhood...  without delicious homemade chocolate cake that is... The icing is a thick dark chocolate ganache with a few layers through out the cake. The top is covered with crunchy nougat to make it all the more devilicious! Having said that it is very rich and very heavy so don't order it and then start thinking of that diet. . . you are yet to start! She does a minimum of 1 and 1/2 kgs which is what this is and costs Rs. 800

So not only does her cake taste delicious but they look as appealing. Jaya's a great artist and this is only a small peak at what she can do. If your looking for something a little less PG 13 she also does some naughty little cakes sure to have the aunties talking for days. How delightfully saucey! Again 1 and 1/2 kgs. This one is obviously more expensive because of the time and effort involved but also because she insists on only using the finest quality marzipan she can get. Rs. 2200, still worth it, you should have seen the delight on the little ones' faces. Ok and I was pretty excited too ...

So far this is all I have tried but will keep you posted ... Meanwhile do not even think twice if you are looking for a deviliciously good chocolate cake... order from Jaya's CakeWalk. Mmmmm! I have also heard great things about her Chocolate Chip Cookies. Definitely next on the list.

She operates from her house. So By Order Only. But the best part is it just has to be 2-3 days in advance. The first cake I actually ordered the morning of the day I needed it and it worked out.


9818077161, 26100729 
A-1/278, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi

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