Bagel's Cafe - Hauz Khas Village - 3.5

Bagel's Cafe

Wandering, wandering, wandering some more through the ever changing HKV. We stumble upon Bagel's Cafe . I was completely ready to ignore it, as it looked like one of those archetypal coffee/sandwich houses that are best ignored. We of course did not end up ignoring it and wandered our way inside. This little place is owned by a Dutch lady who has set up 2/3 other outlets around the city, Defense Colony and Gurgaon being two of them.

 What went in our bellies:

Bagels - Well what ninnies would we be if we didnt try a bagel! So we did... You can pick from a few varieties - at least you should be able to - We of course had the option of two.. I really did expect them not to have half the options, sad it was true. It would have been fun to be able to play around with whatever cheese on whichever bagel but no you can only get plain cream cheese unless you choose to not have any other topping!.. Quite silly... but anyway..


Just a side note - A friend of mine who's taste in food I trust invaluably tried the Defense Colony branch and was very disappointed. She tried the Lemon Meringue and was not a fan. So consistency may be an issue with Bagel's Cafe across branches. 

Budget - Reasonable . Think we paid about Rs.600 for all this. Bagels are from about Rs.100 to Rs.200

Alcohol - None

Delivery - Yes

Tel: M: 7838104881

50 Hauz Khas Village


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