Viva O Viva - Goa Niwas - 4.0

Viva O Viva

After my disappointing Goan meal at Souza Lobo I had pretty much washed my hands of Goan food in Delhi. But I'm glad my greed and curiosity got the best of me as I hesitantly trudged along to Goa Niwas. And wow am I glad for what a treatful feast it was! 

Behold our table:

My mouth has been salivating as I write this. If you like and miss Goan food, don't waste time before anything changes! Head to Goa Niwas now...

 Budget: Cheap

Alcohol: None

Timings:  Open till 10pm but best to call ahead and check .

Tel: 9810132664

Goa Niwas, 14, Bir Tikendrajit Marg, Chanakyapuri


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