Sulafest 2011 - @Sula Vineyard - Dont miss it!!

Wine, Food, Music and Chocolate

Sadly, I have other commitments otherwise I would have been there, but for all you wine and music lovers don't miss it. It sounds like it'll be a rollicking time!. They have partnered with Cadbury Bournville so eat  all the dark chocolate you think you have earned! Food will be catered from their vineyard restaurant which I believe is Italian but, they will be serving some other stuff too.

At the risk of sounding like a snob I haven't been the biggest fan of Indian wines, but Sula does make a nice Chenin and Sauvingnon Blanc. The red wines are close to appalling but I hear that some of their best vintages don't even make it out of their vineyard so this might be your exclusive chance to get a taste and maybe smuggle me a few drops. All taking place in an open air amphitheatre in the midst of the beautiful Sula vineyard. They even have a flea market just in case all the wine, food, chocolate and music was not enough to keep you gluttons satiated. 

For more info visit the website:

Sula Vineyard
Nashik, Maharashtra