I Am Mad Over Donuts! - 4.0

I Am Mad Over Donuts!

Conversation inside Mlle Chou-Fleur's head as she wondered whether to order or not to order:

Devil Chou-Fleur: "Well you know if you are craving something sweet they deliver - even to the jungle you live in! Now how many places would do that for you,  hmmm?"
Angel Chou-Fleur:  "Well you also know the minimum order is a dozen donuts and you will just end up eating them all!"
Devil Chou-Fleur: "On the plus side they are light and fluffy and wont lie in your stomach like a dozen rubber tyres!"
Angel Chou-Fleur: "They're chocolate isn't very nice you know"
Devil Chou-Fleur: "Unless you heat it a little. Besides the sugar glaze and apple more than make up"
Angel Chou-Fleur: "Well the decision is yours, I'm sure you'll think about that holiday on the beach and choose wisely"

Hmmmm so I blew my chance to make it on Santa's list this Christmas . . .  But oh sweet donut I don't care!

A look inside my box:
You can walk in to the sunset with the Angel, but we all know the Devil's more fun . Fight your own battle friend for I have a sweet apple dream to return to. . . 

Website:  http://www.madoverdonuts.com/

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