German School Christmas Market - Treats and Goodies

German School Christmas Market - Treats and Goodies

I love holiday fairs, melas, markets call them what you may. All the delicious festive smells in the air. Meats grilling, nuts roasting and waffles toasting - mmmm mmm mmmm. 
Even though I have to add a lot of the food was quite disappointing barring a few things. I did try everything I possibly could - completely selflessly for you all of course. What I was most looking forward to is stocking up on all sorts of juicy German sausages, but selfishly they decided they did not want to share . Only meat available on sale was Keells. Now why would I want to come here to buy something i can get at every gas station ?
Pictures of ALL the deliciousness available.. 


Zing - Gourmet Shop

 One look and it definitely killed my "zing" for pastries! So I quickly walked away, away. . .

Flanders Dairy

  I've been quite impressed with Flanders. And it is good to support local artisan products so woo hoo! Also it is more reasonable than imported brands. Goat cheese, red pepper cheese and smoked scamorza that I have tried is quite good. What I love about smoked scamorza is it tastes like yummy smoked meat. Two in one - you got to love it! Oh and if you dont eat meat - well its still yummy and you don't know it tastes like meat anyway . . . unless of course you've been a naughty vegetarian . . .
Flanders cheese is pretty readily available in most grocery stores. You can also visit their shop:
The Cheese Ball
31 Meher Chand Market, Lodhi Rd.
Timings- Mon  to Sat 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Sunday Closed)
Tel. 011 24653789

Swiss Gourmessa

They were all sold out by the time I reached which was a major bummer. But that does say promising things about this new swiss bakery. If you place your order by 5pm the day before they will deliver to the next day. (South Delhi only). Or you can visit the shop -
Swiss Gourmessa
Ghitorni Village off MG Rd.
Between pillar 115/116
100m between Wicker World and Big Boyz Toyz - Next to Ghitorni Metro Station.
Order online - OR
Call - +91 9582305906
011 26503333

 Celestial International Frozen Foods

Now that you all know my views on this we can proceed. 

Sweet World

 "How sweet it is to be loved by you"

Everyone loves themselves some sweet sweet candy.

Mavo Chocolate

 My camera clicking won me some free samples. Mmmmm the quality of the chocolate was great! The dark and the milk both. You can see some of their more unusual options above. Great for gifts or personal indulgences. Best part is ingredients are sourced from top quality vendors abroad while it's proudly made in India! They also use eco friendly packaging.
More info:
Tel. 011-46521318
Email -

Speaking of eco friendly products . . .

I'm not a tree hugger, I may not go completely out of my way like drive a battery operated car or not use a/c but I do believe in doing whatever little I can especially if its not inconveniencing my life.. Like switch that tap of while you spend a minute per tooth brushing! So anyway here is a product that completely biodegrades in less than 90 days! I think that is quite impressive. 
For more info:
Email -
Tel. 011 29211477, 29211479
M-58 2nd Floor Gk2

Roasted Nuts - Gourmet Affaire's

 Wonderful and fresh. They also had some truffles but they did not look so great.

Flavoured Vodka
 In order left to right - (Puschkin) Ice-filtered vodka, Red orange, Grapefruit, (Berentzen) Peach, Apple

Yup when I said I tried everything. I meant I tried everything! Grapefruit was too sweet. Shortlisted- plain, red orange and apple. My favourite - apple. Peach just like regular peach schnapps.

To get your hands on any of these contact:
Mr. Kawarjit Singh Ghai - 09820928210, Email-

Waffle Station
 Mulled Wine - Rs. 150. Rs. 100 returned with cup. Warm, spicy goodness that packed a punch.

Peanut Butter Cookies- Waffles (below) ran out so they put out free jars of these. .

Chocolate Santa

And finally the moment we've all been waiting for - the waffles (Rs.50 each). At first the line was so long and I was too busy stuffing myself with hot dogs I passed on these. Then the aroma pulled me by my nostril hair and dragged me straight to the counter. Ah fate mocks me - they ran out. But I see the silver lining- no not my saved waist line ! They'll be back with more at 5.30 p.m. So after some serious pushing and making my way through those greedy gluttons I got my hands on two delicious soft sugar dusted waffles. Mmmmm so worth it wish I could have dunked them in some thick, dark, warm chocolate though. . .

 Chicken Sausages
 Non-veg plate. Rs. 300. Chicken sausage hotdog w/ Potato salad. Bread was like chewy leather! Chicken sausage was good as a chicken sausage can get I guess. Potato salad was over loaded with mustard and too sour.
Veg Plate. Rs.250. Creamy spinach and corn tart with potato salad. The tart was actually pretty good.
Beers - Now here was a deal! Draught beer Rs. 100 was ok and Schneider Weisse Rs.150 was delicious. Makes you really catch on to those exorbitant mark ups at restaurants!

After going through all this, rumours of a "cooler" upstairs area started floating around. There were even whispers of pork sausages! How fast I ran up.. 

 Potato Salad, Chicken Schnitzel and Pork Sausage. This was taken off my friend. I was too full to eat all this... but I did get two sausages ... and a bun.. . Mmmm the sausage was gooood!

 Ok now I tried asking the Indian guy behind the coutner what this was some 5 times but I'm beginning to wonder if he ever really knew because I still don't. Did not try it but I don't think it was bread. The texture looked a bit like a scone. Had raisons. And that is all I can give you guys.

 Apple Crumble - Good. Lemon cheese cake - Yuck!


I believe most of these internationally hosted Christmas fairs take place on the first weekend on December. Until next year . . . : )