American Ambrosia - Best Cheesecake! - 5.0

American Ambrosia - Best Cheesecake!

The most important thing you need to know is that Uni Vaid, owner of American Ambrosia, makes the best cheesecake in the country. Actually i take that back it is probably one of the best cheesecakes I have eaten in my life! She's been my first and last stop for cheesecake and it's time I share her with you all. It is everything you could ask for and more. The 5.0 rating is for the cheesecake alone and should say it all. But if it doesn't continue reading..

 Comes most impressively wrapped and packaged. Very professional I must say!

 With a fine set of instructions so you don't mess up this delicate work of art.

Now for the cheesecake itself :

How do i even begin to explain this gooey creamy circle of goodness?? I don't know what makes this extra the gooey creamy center (that's almost like a cheesecake version of a molten choc cake) or the bursts of freshly made blueberry compote through out the cheesecake. The crust is perfectly complimentary too with no cheap tastes of Britannia biscuits but the remnants of good cookies crumbled and muddled with butter and sugar and a little touch of cinnamon.

Strawberry Cheesecake - Seasonal
The strawberry cheesecake is delicious too but I think I prefer the blueberry one for all its glorious swirls within the cheesecake!

Uni makes mini versions and you can also order a dozen mini cheesecake in a variation of flavours. I was not a huge fan of the oreo and preferred the fruity ones to the plain original. Makes for a great party treat or gift as you Uni adds a custom message to each cake.

Its a bit pricey but worth it a thousand times over! This cheesecake is so good you really cannot put that spoon down - sweet lovers and weight watchers you have been warned.

She also makes several other goodies you can check out on her site:

I have tried the cupcakes that are pretty as a peony and can be decorated according to any occasion. I tried the poppy with lemon icing (my favourite), vanilla cake with raspberry icing (not bad too ) and chocolate with chocolate icing (I found the cake a little dry and the icing and cake not as rich and chocolaty as I would have liked). I also found that the cupcakes are a little dense and not as light and airy as I like but tasty nonetheless. Each cupcake is individually wrapped (which I find a painful waste of plastic) and she even has a whole bunch of personalised messages with graphics that you can attach to each cupcake. She does regular sized and mini cupcakes by the dozen. Feel free to mix and match.

Cupcakes - Few more decor samples i got pictures of.

Next, I tried the veggie mini quiche slices. The filling was good. Not too eggy, well balanced with cheese and veggies. Sweet red pepper was my favourite part. However, I was not a big fan of the crust. Maybe there was too much butter but it was too crumbly and powdery for my liking.

 Mini Quiche

And lastly, the Baklava which was good. Since it was packed and not eaten fresh out, a little zap in the oven would crisp up the filo as good as new. Nutty, oozing with honey sweetness, and a nice spiced zing in every bite.

Everything you order will come beautifully packaged and presented, perfect for gifting, she has a few options you can discuss with her before hand. But order what ever you like I still highly recommend the cheesecake and if you don't get that then you are but a fool my friend. . .

Uni Vaid -  +91 98 184 33448 

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