Sohan Chicken Corner - Lemon Chicken - 3.5

Sohan Chicken Corner 

Nondescript, hidden behind a huge pipal tree, with no sign to recognize it by. Its a hole in the wall take away joint, where many only get as far as their car before deciding to dig in. As I saw the chicken legs dangling, being licked by Delhi's fresh, clean air, everything in me told me to turn and graciously walk away. But my stomach disconnected as usual had other plans. So once we maneouvered our way through the regulars to get to the front, this is what we ordered:

So next time you are in the area brave it and give Sohan's Chicken Corner a try. But stick to the Lemon Chicken, Malai Tikka and Naan. Eat the tikkas there while they are hot.

Budget: Cheap

Shivalik Rd.
Right next to the Bata shop and a huge Pipal tree (that has invariably been turned in to a place of worship! )

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