Poppadom - 4.0


If Andhra Bhavan gets a bit too overwhelming for my well manicured kittens then trot on to Poppadom. Opened by the same Payal Johar of Thai High, and located directly below it. I think they put so much in to making Thai High look good that when it came to Poppadom they really didn't care. The decor is just confusing, and a little tacky. Definitely do not make this your special outing place. When I last went they had no a la carte menu and only a fixed thali, which came as 3 options: vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood.  They started a la carte menu, which includes a few types of biryanis, dosas, stews, uthappams - to name a few.

Now back to the thali - the awesome thing is that ordering one does not mean losing out on the other options. So if you get a non-vegetarian thali you also get ALL the vegetarian options on top of which you will get one chicken dish and one mutton dish. The seafood option is the king of them all because again you get all the veg, non-veg options and two seafood dishes! Yes the glutton in me excitedly chose the seafood thali.

Time to dissect my thali:
These 20 dishes are what every thali gets - then comes the non veg and seafood:
My main complaint would be that some of the dishes were a bit salty but it could just have been that day.

Thali Prices:
Budget - Mid Range


3rd Floor, Ambawatta Complex, Mehrauli 

Tel. 9899000086, 011 - 26644289

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