Old Delhi - Eating My Way Around - Part 1

Old Delhi - Eating My Way Around - Part 1

When your dealing with a place rooted in food, with each little gali aspiring to be known for something more delicious than the other, its fair to take a break  . .  :)

So it all began with a friend visiting, who undoubtedly had an Old Delhi tour sketched out for himself.  Now what better an occasion than this to inspire my lazy behind to make a move. Of course what the poor boy was not aware of was how Jama Masjid might end up looking like a matka full of fragrant biryani or Purana Qila would resemble the narrow streets of Parathe Wali Gali. We did allow him the spectacular views of the Red Fort, it was his Old Delhi trip after all . .

Lets get down to business:

  1.       Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar - 2.5
 After having had this name come out of my ears, every food guide, almost every food blog, of course I had to try it. A very unassuming spot that I even walked past at first. And boy oh boy do I wish I kept walking. Talk about OVER RATED! Seriously, forget recommending it at all, I wouldn't even think of doing that to you all. Lets face it there is no shortage of good even decent chaat in Delhi. It had a about five things. Out of which we got the following:

Kachori Chaat
Kalmi Badda/Vada Chaat

I hear his gol gappas are the best but after this fiasco i didnt want to even bother testing my stomach.

Location: In your best interest crumpets I am withholding the address. After all there should be no reason for you to go there.

2.           Natraj Dahi Bhalla - 4.5
 You cant miss it with the crowds around this little place.

 Location: 1396 Chandni Chowk - Opp. Parathe Wali Gali. Narrow alley out of the metro in to Chandni Chowk, as you come out its there on the corner.  Ask if lost - he is famous. 

The Delights of Parathe Wali Gali 
 Stuff it

 Fry it!

Yup, all the different types of parathas. Something for everyone. Banana paratha anyone?

We got 3 the Radish, Peas and Cauliflower Parathas.
Pt. Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan - 3.0 (Parathas), 4.5 (Veggies and chutneys)

 Location: Parathe wali gali. Get to chandni chowk and ask its a small side street off it.

Dil Pasand Biryani Point - Mohd. Toaufiq - 3.5

Finally some meat!! So I was trying to find another place but that did not matter. Because this is where I was pointed to by most and this is where I landed up!  Not a total waste. They serve only buff (buffalo) biryani. You know it was almost really good the rice was nicely flavoured each grain stood tall by itself not mushing into another. The meat was super tender but this is where it got a little iffy, it had a slightly unwelcoming taste. Once that was in my head I couldnt get past it. No I didnt waste the whole thing! I ate around the meat, happily gobbling each little grain of rice. 

Location: 735 Haveli Azam Khan. Chitli Qabar, Jama Masjid

Kala/Kaley Baba ke Kebab - 3.8



Location:  Walk down Chitli Qabar make a right just after the juice guy. Think its Suiwalan the roads name. Just ask that how we found it . And half the fun is getting lost. I hope you dont.

 Bade Mian's Kheer - 5.0

This was really the highlight of this trip. Bade Mian is obviously very use to fame, he indulged us with many a pose between many a tale. A proud man because he knows what he has is the best kheer (sweet rice pudding) in town. He told us that the secret to his kheer is the slow cooking process of 6 hours over a wooden flame. Most kheer I have ever eaten has been whitish, well this was definitely not like most kheer I've eaten. I assumed its browny colour came from jaggery but he corrected me by saying he uses normal sugar. The hours of cooking seems to have caramelized all the sugar to create this beautiful golden brown crust on top. Much thicker than its counterparts Bade Mian's Kheer is really what legends are made of.

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