Bijoli Grill - Dilli Haat - 3.5

Bijoli Grill

I was in Dilli Haat for part 1 of my quest for the perfect momos, when I arrived at Bijoli Grill. Which sounded more than familiar, since a handful of people had raved about it to me. Bijoli Grill is a 50 year old establishment in Calcutta, that these Delhi ones are branches of. Despite my six plates of momos rising up in protest, I sat down to have a traditional Bengali meal. I was not sure when I'd return and knew I had to try as many dishes possible to give this place a fair review. So, confused I shuttled between dishes, ordering, canceling, changing, re-ordering, canceling, until a generous Bengali lady took pity on me and gave me a few suggestions. Pheuf!

Here is the tumbling breakdown of the food on our table. In order of preference:

I'm definitely not promising any orgasmic moments with this one. But overall worth trying. Order wisely. And I guess i should mention they, like every other stall it seems, has a selection of Chinjabi food. If you're going to Bijoli to go eat that then this conversation is over. Tata for now.

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