Tibet Kitchen - 3.5

Tibet Kitchen

So what I seem to be gathering about Tibetan food is that it's um Indian Chinese? Barring a few dishes that seem to be distinctively Tibetan every menu I have encountered then proceeds to list out your chilly chickens and chowmeins. So yay it all makes sense, its not that we've destroyed the delicate art of Chinese cuisine here its just that we're serving Tibetan food under the guise of Chinese food- Pheuf!

Anyway now that I have cracked this let me tell you about Tibet Kitchen. I was driving in my least favourite market when this small little eatery caught my eye. I made a mental note to return and return i did armed with a friend by my side. I tried picking the most "Tibetan" sounding dishes i might not get at AKA SAKA or FUJIYA. Here's what we ate and what I thought:

I wish they served some pork because i would have loved to eat some of that famous Tibetan roast chilly pork. Next time i will try the Ting Mo with Shaptag (Mutton Fry). Ting Mo is a Tibetan steamed bun with a slightly sweet taste.

Budget: Cheap

G15 Old Double Storey,
Lajpat Nagar 4
4 011 64676111