Mamagoto 3.5

This is a place I would have loved to love and make one of my regular haunts. It wins you over halfway as soon as you step in to this playful, animated spot.
But alas the food and service don't meet their end of the deal. Though not bad and if you order carefully you could have a fairy decent meal.
The service was just so shoddy, our water glasses lay empty the whole time, I asked for salt it came at the end of my meal - chocolate brownie and salt? I dont think so. We ordered some lamb chops, and half way through our meal we were told they do not have any left. *Yawn* the service was really putting me to sleep. Anyway here's the good, bad and the ugly:

So though it did not live up to my expectations, I just love sitting amongst all that crazy Japanese anime art. Now that I have tried a substantial amount of the menu at least I can leave with a fairly happy and full belly. Just a shame the inconsistency amongst dishes, it could be so much more...

Budget: Mid-Range

Alcohol: Yes


011 46545160 

S-09, 2nd Floor, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi

Khan Market
011 45166060 
1st Floor, 53 Khan Market, (Middle Lane) New Delhi

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