Latitude - Good Earth Cafe - 4.0

Latitude - Good Earth Cafe

This is probably my favourite cafe in Delhi. When ever I can't seem to decide what to eat I end up at Latitude. But, wow have I had a roller coaster ride with this one. I used to find it highly inconsistent. I have had some awful meals here, but yes some good ones too. The service was another level of bad, having almost lost my head full of hair here with their frustratingly complacent staff and management. Why did I still keep returning? Well have you been there? Its utterly charming and it got me bad. Its the perfect lunch spot, as long as they were having a good day. And from my last few recent trips I would like to report that not only has their service improved a lot. But the food has finally been consistently good.
Its tastefully done, in true Good Earth fashion. Set on the top floor of the store, after you strategically go through all the Good Earth wares on display. They have an outdoor space with sunlight filtering in from all sides but without the noise, pollution or heat of the outdoors. How you ask? Well its covered in glass all around, so even though you feel like you are sitting outside you are actually in a small little glasshouse. *Sigh* . Its really quite cute. Again a Ritu Dalmia collaboration, she designs and manages the menu.

The menu keeps changing but I'll tell you what I remember eating, which is a lot less than what I have actually eaten, but here goes:
Cheesecake - The best!

Carrot Cake - Super Duper!

Baileys Mousse Cake - Has its days

Something Chocolatey, Something Good

Budget: Mid Range

Alcohol: Yes


2nd Floor,
Good Earth Store
Khan Market
New Delhi
Phone: 011 24647175 

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